Mechanical Strength Test for Eco-friendly Compostable Multilayer Foil Packaging Materials


When the eco-friendly compostable multilayer foil materials are intended for different types of packages for various products, the first fundamental thing is to make sure the mechanical strength for the foil materials will be good enough to hold and protect the inside products.

Of course, different foil laminates of the compostable film materials will have quite different mechanical strengths and should be carefully decided against the customer requirements, which should be articulated in detail on each item. And here in this post, we are going to show you how we usually test the mechanical strength of an eco-friendly foil laminate.

Tensile Strength Test


Tensile strength is usually intended to describe the strength needed to pull a piece of film material (Width15mm*Length100mm) to break in the machine direction and transverse direction, which is usually stipulated with unit Mpa.

Burst Impact Test

Burst impact test shows how much energy is needed to break a piece of film material which is positioned on the holding device of the burst test equipment. It is also an important index to check the mechanical strength of the compostable multilayer foil.

Pressure Test on Sealed Pouch


Pressure test is usually performed with a certain weight applied on the top of a sealed package, and see how much kgs the package is able to withstand. As always, the mechanical strength of a finished package will not only be decided by the mechanical strength of the film material itself, but also depending on how well they are sealed. So, the pressure test is a good way to check its performance.

Drop Test on Pouch with products filled

Drop test should be the most reliable and used way to test if the foil materials package are strong enough, as the drop will largely stimulate the process when the product falls off the goods shelf, and most importantly, the sudden shock to the filled package will be quite a good catch to test if the final package is strong enough. The drop test is more often used when the package is intended for liquid products.

OK, here we list the measures we usually take to test the mechanical strength of Eco-friendly biodegradable multilayer foil laminates. Of course, we are going to provide qualified foil materials for our customers against his purpose at the lowest cost. You are welcome to reach us for further assistance if you have any questions.

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