Package dimension of pillow pouch 400 grams salt


This is pillow pouch containing 400 grams of refined salt. As you can see from the picture above, the surface of the bag has a transparent window through which you can visually see the status of the refined salt in the bag. Due to the characteristics of the salt, this bag is composed in a two-layer structure, and it is quite cost-effective and better meet the needs of customers.

Salt is a commonly used condiment in people’s lives and is found in almost every household. With the development of the times and the improvement of people’s living standards, refined salt began to appear and became popular. For this kind of daily necessities, people are pursuing cost-effectiveness, so the current packaging bags containing salt are still mostly large-capacity.

A sachet that better meets customer needs.

Foil Materials


This foil materials is a reinforced structure with excellent properties for salt packages. The foil structure is PET12/LDPE and the material properties are as follows.

This product does not have high requirements for barrier properties and light protection, so the two-layer structure of the bag can meet the product requirements. PET, as a printing layer, has high clarity and good printability with artwork. LDPE is a commonly used heat sealing layer that can provide sufficient sealing strength and airtightness for the final packaging.

The following is about the performance of this pouch

  • Excellent value for money
  • Convenient for the consumers to take it
  • Easily pour out form the package
  • Have front clear window

So, it is always necessary to get a refined dimension for this doypack sachet, so it can present a great product to the consumers.

Filled Level of 400 grams refined salt pillow pouch

The bag is in the form of a back-sealed bag, and the transparent window allows for more intuitive observation of the state of the refined salt. Here we fill the current back-seal bag with 400 grams of refined salt, as shown in the picture below.


From the picture below, you can understand the filling effect of this package after it is filled with salt. The filled level is about 60%~70%, great


Package Dimension of 400 grams Pillow Pouch Refined Salt

The following are the dimensions of this 400 grams refind salt package.

  • Width:125mm
  • Height:180mm

Here we performed the test of the packaging dimension for this 400 grams pillow pouch sachet, and you may watch the video below to get a further understanding on this progress. Enjoy.

10 Package dimension and filled effect of 400 grams salt pillow pouch

Bag Dimension Test Report of 400 grams refined salt pillow pouch

The density of salt listed in this report is 128g per 100ml, and this report covers all the necessary details of this 400g pillow pouch.


The pictures in the dimension test report show well the measuring of this 400 grams sachet. You may just reach us if you have any questions.

Diecut line of 400 grams pillow pouch refined salt

This pillow pouch is usually achieved on the vertical, form, fill and sealing machinery, so the customer can just fill their artwork into this diecut line, and we are going to finalize the best print effect onto the rolls. You can just download it and send it to your designer and fill it with creative artwork. We need you to feedback to us with Illustrator or PDF files with image resolution >= 300PPI.

Ok, here we come to the end, with the structure, filling effect, design and size of this 400 grams refined salt pillow pouch well stipulation. If you have any questions or doubts, you can send me an email at any time.


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