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What’s the difference of Kraft paper/PLA foil and Kraft paper/PLA+PBAT foil pouch

In this post, you will be able to get a good understanding on the performance and difference between Kraft paper/PLA and Kraft paper/PLA+PBAT foil laminate and its pouches

What’s Cellulose/Metallized Paper/PLA+PBAT Film Eco-friendly Foil Laminate and Its Performance

This foil structure cellulose/Metallized Paper/PLA+PBAT film foil laminate is one of the mature foil materials for compostable packages. Foil Structure Below graphic shows the formulation of this foil, whith cellulose… Read more »

What’s compostable Metallized Paper/Cellulose/PLA+PBAT Foil Self-standing Bag and Its Property

Home compostable coffee bags are highly appreciated in the coffee packaging market as it makes easier for the consumers to compost a throw-away bag under their home conditions without a… Read more »