Month: January 2021

How to check the print quality for windshield washing chemicals package

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Foil structures for 2litre standing pouch for car wash chemicals

In previous posts, we shared the materials structures for 1litre spout pouch and 3litre spout doypack for windscreen cleaning chemicals. 2litre standing pouch package is the midium volume between 1litre… Read more »

What’s the package thickness for 2litre windshield washing liquids spout pouch

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Packaging materials for 3litre screw cap package for windshield washer fluids

Our factory is producing 3litre screw cap packages for windshield washer fluids, with different materials that are intended to meet the different requiements for the customers. In this post, we… Read more »

What’s the package thickness for 1litre windscreen washing fluids spout package

The package thickness should be seriously evaluated as it closely concerns with the final property for the windscreen washing fluids spout package, and also more importantly, the cost. When the… Read more »

How to locate reliable producing factory of screw cap doypack for liquid laundry detergent

Nowadays, More and more household liquid detergents are packed in standup doypack packages as it is able to deliver the products in lower cost to families. Either the standup doypack… Read more »