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What’s the difference of Kraft paper/PLA foil and Kraft paper/PLA+PBAT foil pouch

In this post, you will be able to get a good understanding on the performance and difference between Kraft paper/PLA and Kraft paper/PLA+PBAT foil laminate and its pouches

What’s the difference for PET12/ALU7/LDPE foil pouch and PET12/ALU7/PET12/LDPE foil bag

PET12/ALU7/LDPE foil and PET12/ALU7/PET12/LDPE foil are the most common used aluminum foil laminate intended for roasted beans, and we are going to give a further analysis on the difference.

What’s the foil materials for kraft paper coffee package

The foil structure of kraft paper foil coffee bag will be explained in details in this post, with cost and performance analysis. Hope it helpful for you to choose the right package.

What’s Cellulose/Metallized Paper/PLA+PBAT Film Eco-friendly Foil Laminate and Its Performance

This foil structure cellulose/Metallized Paper/PLA+PBAT film foil laminate is one of the mature foil materials for compostable packages. Foil Structure Below graphic shows the formulation of this foil, whith cellulose… Read more »