Materials for 3Litre standup spout pouch package

As a reliable supplier ofr spout doypack in china, Our company is producing many 3liter standup spout pouches for our customers for many products, like household cleaning chemicals, windcreen washing liquids, fertilizer liquids, mineral water, etc. And in the aim to assist our customers to choose the best packages for their products, we are going to share the most common materials for 3liter spout doypacks.


This structure materials are the most widely used, as it can achieve enough property for most products in 3liter package at a reasonable price.

  • PET12, means clear PET film 12 microns, working as outside print substrate film
  • PA15, means polyamide film 15 microns, usually biaxially oriented, working as middle support layer and mechanical layer.
  • LDPE film, short for low density polyethylene, will have to be modified against the products packed, and the thickness can be adjusted depending the final package effect.

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PA15/PA15/LDPE foil structures are developed as some customers may need better bag strength for the final package.



For the above two structures, there is not high barrier film layer, so the final barrier performance for the package should be not allowed to pack products that need to get a long shelf life. When it comes to 3litre package, metallized film is not ok to be used, as it can not be able to provide enough bond strength for the package, and in most cases, alumminum foil is the mose widely used for 3litre spout pouch.

Upon all the aluminum foil laminates, PET12/AL7/PA15/LDPE is the most reliable materials in actual application, that is able to realize cost-effective package for most products, like fruit juice, mineral water, hydrogen rich water.


There are also some other structures available to get optimized property, and also considering the cost, like PET12/PA25/LDPE, PA15/AL/PA15/LDPE, however they are not the most widely used. We will introduce the package when it adapts these structures in future posts.

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