Bag dimension for 340 gr (12oz) side gusset coffee bag


This brown kraft paper finish coffee bag is well intended for holding roasted coffee beans for 340 gr (12oz), and able to create great standing profile and branding effect for the customer products. We are now actually producing this eco-friendly kraft paper coffee bag in mass quantities to our customers in a long-term reliable supply.

In this post, we are going to talk about the bag dimension and final filled effect for this 340 gr (12oz) side gusset coffee bag.

Filled Effect


340 grams of dark roasted coffee beans are filled into the package, with density of coffee beans 370g/1000ml. It takes up to 70~80% of the total height,


Bag Dimension

Width: 90mm

Height: 270mm

Side Gusset 50mm

Back Seal Width 10mm

Test Video

Here is the video showing the progress for this dimension test, and you are advised to have a further understanding with below video.

Bag Dimension Test Report

The density of the roasted coffee beans used in this test is 370g/1000ml, which may differ from the one of customers’ products. All the details regarding this bag dimension test are listed in the report, and you can share with your customers if you need.


Artwork Design Template

This artwork design template shows the dieline for this 340 gr (12oz) side gusset coffee bag, which is helpful when you need to print your logo on this fantastic package, and you can just forward this PDF file to your designer for further work. And please revert to us with Illustrator or PDF file, so we can start working the best effect onto the package.

Ok, that’s all I have to say regarding the bag dimension and filled level for this 340 gr (12oz) side gusset coffee bag, and you may just reach us if you need further assistance.


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