Types of standing bag package with spout


When a standing bag is combined with a plastic spout/closure, the final spout bag will be excellent packages for some liquid or fluidy products, like juice, liquid laundry detergent, tomato ketchup, jelly, milk etc.As a reliable manufacturer of kinds of spout bags for many years located in Qingdao, china, we would like to share the types of standing bag package with spout available for our produce, so the customers can choose what suits his need.

Standup doypack with spout

A standup doypack is usually intended to describe a bag with bottom gusseted, so when the product is filled into the bag, the bottom will expand and works as a supporting base for the package, that will cause the bag to well stand on the shelf.


Standup doypack with spout is the mostly used package among all the spout packages, as it is able to realize great presentation of the products in the lowest cost. The produce waste for producing standup doypack is smaller than side gusseted bag and flat bottom bag, however the produce efficiency is much higher, so the cost for standup doypack is able to realize the lowest cost. On the other hand, it is much easier to control the quality of standup doypack than the flat bottom bag, that is why standup doypack is much more accounted on.

Side gusseted standup pouch with spout

Side gusseted standup pouch is able to get a fat round package compared to the standup doypack, when the product is filled into the package. And the bottom will be expanded into a quad shape, which enables the pouch to stand on the shelf. More often, Side gusseted standup pouch with spout is called spout cheerpack in some countries.


However, this is not always the case that a spout cheerpack is going to present a good standing effect when the foil structure comes to aluminum foil laminate. Based on our experience in produce, when the foil structure adpate PET12/AL7/PA15/LDPE 4 layers structure, the sealed bottom will be very rigid that will not easily bend even after the products is filled. You may watch the video to understand more on it.

Upon our experience, the cheerpacks of this 4 layers structure produced by china facrories are mostly very rigid, of course, there may be some subtle difference upon the materials used, however, it is really difficult to find the spout cheerpack easy to stand well when the products is filled.

So, to enable the spout cheerpack to stand well on the shelf, the other option we choose is to increase the volume. For example, a spout cheerpack with 350ml water volume is able to stand well if the product is filled. Please check below video.

Soaut cheerpack with 350ml water stands well

Flat bottom standup pouch with top spout

Flat bottom standup pouch is also called box bottom pouch, as when the bottom expands, it is mostly like a box. In china, people give another name: eight-edge sealed pouch, as the 4 vertical edge plus the 4 bottom edges, sums up to 8 edges, they are all sealed.

Flat bottom standup pouch avoids the standing problem for cheerpack, as the bottom will expand to flat shape when the product is filled into the package. With a spout placed on top, the spout package can be very great package for many products. However, the drawback is higher cost than the previous two bags


Ok, above items are the standing bag with spout we are able to produce for our customers. Of course, the materials and bag types will have to be carefully selected against customer’s products and volume. We will give detailed analysis one by one in future posts.

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