What is aluminum foil coffee bag


Aluminum foil coffee bag is one of the most popular used pouch packages for roasted coffee beans and coffee powder products in the market. With superior barrier performance and easy to process into different package forms, aluminum foil bag wins high respect in actual application.

In this post, we are going to get further into aluminum foil coffee bag, and try to revert the most reliable supply in china to global customers.

When we talk about aluminum foil coffee bag, actually, we means the bag made from multilayer laminate that combine a layer of pure aluminum foil sheet into the foil structure. So, let’s start with pure aluminum foil sheet first.

Pure Aluminum foil Sheet


Aluminum foil should be refered to the thin metal sheet that is produced by calendering from aluminum alloy. Inks can be printed directly onto the surface of aluminum foil sheet to carry certain information of the products, however, this is not the case when it is intended for coffee packages. As during the filling, delivery, distribution and sale process, usually, the coffee bags may various forces that may wrinkle the Al foil sheet. If there is not an outer film protection over the foil sheet, the foil may crack with tiny holes and even cause serious damage to the package, it will not be able to serve.

You may read here for more knowledge on aluminum foil used in flexible packaging.

So, we will have to laminate the aluminum foil sheet with other plastic film materials to achieve multi-functional foil laminate, and then converted into final coffee bags.

Aluminum foil laminate

We need to finalize a multilayer laminate with the minimum film materials to acheive the lowest cost, with functions as below.

  • An outer film layer to carry the information of the manufacturer and products.
  • Aluminum foil layer as high barrier layer
  • inner film layer with sealing property is going to finalize the package in different forms

So, in general, we will need a 3 layers foil laminate to achive our expect.

Outer film layer- Print substrate

There are some substrate film available to serve as the outer information carrying layer, such as PET film, PA film, BOPP film, KPET film, Ceramic coated film. As the barrier property is mainly depending on the middle aluminum layer, so the mechanical stability and printability for this film tops over other properties. Among them, clear PET film is the most ideal substrate film with advantages listed as below.

  • High transparency
  • Excellent printability
  • Excellent mechanical stability in produce process
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemicals resistance

For most of the coffee packages we are producing, the outer film layer is mainly PET film.

Middle aluminum layer- High barrier

When aluminum foil sheet is trapped between, it can not only work as a higher barrier layer, but also as a rigid bone layer at the same time, you can have a close understanding through below video.

Video rigidity of aluminum foil

Inner sealing layer

There are kinds of film materials available to achieve sealing purpose in the inner layer, such as LDPE film, LLDPE film, mPE film, ionomer layer. Considering the cost and adaptability, LDPE film and its modified family find its wide application on the inner layer. For the coffee bags produced in our factory, we prefer LDPE film as the inner layer. Of course, you may read here if you are looking for biodegrade film,.

So, finally, the most economical foil laminate with expected premium quality is PET12/AL7/LDPE, with graphic as below.


This 3 layers foil structure can meet the requirements for coffee packages from 100grams to 5 kilograms, with some difference on the package thickness.

In actual application, there will be a reinforced foil laminate against this 3 layers coffee bag, with foil structure PET12/Al7/PET12/LDPE, as below graphic.


This foil structure is developed because the quite difference in elongation rate between aluminum foil and LDPE film. You may read here for detailed explanation.


Ok, these are the basic information about aluminum foil coffee bag, and we are always doing our best to realize the best price for our customers. You are welcome to reach us for a quote when you have any enquiry.

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