What’s the materials for 500ml transparent spout pouch


Some customers would like to get clear transparent spout pouch packages for their products, as the products can be easily seen by the consumers. Some customers may prefer full transparency pouch, some may prefer their logo printed on clear spout pouches, anyway, a clear transparent pouch is the base, and the pouch package will have to meet the various requirements for different products. In this post, we are going to get a further analysis on the materials used for these clear transparent spout pouches.

PET/LDPE foil structure

PET/LDPE foil structure is considered as the lowest cost to realize the clear transparent spout pouch package for 500ml products. It can be intended for 500ml package, however, when the products drop from the shelf unexpectedly, usually, the package may break.

Break on frist drop for 500ml PET-LDPE spout pouch from 1.8meter high

So, when PET/LDPE foil is intended for liquid spout pouch packages, it is advised to keep below 300ml. Of course, you can set it at 500ml, however, try to avoid the unexpected shock or drop from high place.

PET/PET/LDPE foil laminate

To improve the strength for the 500ml clear spout pouch, this foil laminate is developed with an extra PET film trapped between, and at the same time, try to keep a lower cost, after all, the price for PET film is only 1/3~1/3 of the price of PA film.

PET/PET/LDPE is more stiff than PET/LDPE foil

PET/PA/LDPE foil structure

PA film is higher mechanical strength than PET film, and furthermore, with excellent antipuncture resistance, so many customers would be advised to choose this PET/PA/LDPE foil structure if the customers are looking for robust packages. Usually, liquid laundry detergent are packed in this 500ml spout pouch packages, however, seldom clear transparent.


PET/SiOx-PET/LDPE materials structure

For above three structures, the barrier property is not good enough to meet the requirements for some products, like juice, baby food, jelly products, vegetable mixes, etc, as there is not any excellent barrier film inside the foil. SiOx-PET film is the item that achieve excellent barrier property and stays clear transparent. Check the below table to understand its barrier performance.


PET/CPP foil materials

As you can figure out from above foil structures, the inner seal layers are all LDPE films, as LDPE film can be modified to meet the different requirements for different products at a lower cost. However, when the customers would like to get retort pouch package, like 121 Celsius degree for 30 minutes, the inner film layer will have to be changed to retortable CPP film.


Mostly, PET/CPP foil materials is able to present spout pouch package with higher clarity, even though modified LDPE film is also able to present high clarity.

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