Drop test standard for spout pouch doypack package

When it comes the spout pouch doypack packages, it will have to be strong enough to meet the severe requirements in filling process, truck delivery, and distribution procedure. If the spout pouch doypack package falls unexpectedly off the goods shelf, the inside liquid products will suddenly cause much pressure to the weakest point of the package, and the package may break if it is not strong enough.

So in the industry, we usually perform drop test from a certain height to test if the spout pouch doypack package is strong enough.

However, there are different views regarding the standard of drop test. As the result of drop test really concerns with many factors, with a main list as below

  1. Height of drop test
  2. Environmental conditions
  3. Ground conditions
  4. Drop method
  5. Spout Position
  6. Ratio of Expected volume/Maximum Volume of spout doypack

The 5-6 factors are the inherent design of the spout doypack, and the 1-4 factors are the outside conditions that enfluence the performance, so in this post, we are going to give a further analysis on 1-4 factors.

Height of drop test

The height of drop test is the most important parameter to evaluat the pouch strength of all the test methods. Take 3Litre spout pouch for example, when it is well filled, the holding weight is at least 3kgs. and we drop it from a certain height, the shock impact pressure is quite a lot on the first moment when it touches the ground.


Usually, 1.2meter is considered as a reliable height to check if the pouch strength is good to fulfill its purpose. In our factory, we usually perform drop test at the height of 1.6meter, with package volume up to 5litre spout pouch, as the picture below.


In some cases, we would perform extreme test at the heigh of 2meter, to check the ultimate performance of our spout pouches.

Environmental Conditions

It mainly refers to the environmental temperature, as the spout doypack is made of kinds of plastic substrate films, when the temperature goes lower and lower under 0 Celsius degree, the plastic film may become more fragile. We will have to make sure the performance of spout doypack will meet the requirements in most cases, ranging from -15~40 Celsius degree, it will meet the requiremens for most customers. China is a large country, with -25 Celsius degree in winter for Northeast areas, and our spout pouches still perform well.


Grounding conditions

The ground will have to be clean, smoothe and solid concrete. If there is sandy surface on the ground, then the tiny sharp sands may cause serious damage to the pouch, and the pouch may easy to break in drop test.

Drop Method


When it comes to drop method, it mainly means to drop the spout pouch vertically or horizontally. When a spout package falls off the goods shelf, in most cases, the bottom would touch the ground first, as the bottom is in larger volume, holding more weight, so vertical drop test is relied on to check the pouch strength.


The connection of spout with the pouch is also important, so horizontal drop test is the method to check if it is well welded.

By the way, we have to make a claration, some customers may think up an upend drop test, as the picture below, which should not be taken as reliable. As this drop is easily to cause the spout separate from the doypack, as the spout will suffer great shock pressure when it touches the ground. No matter how strong the spout doypack is, this drop test is just going to destroy the package. So, beat it.


Our company is producing spout pouches with volume from 30ml to 10litre, and we are performing drop test with above standards to check the pouch strength. We may also perform test against your requirements. Reach us if you have further questions.

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