How to measure the sizes of a spout pouch

Upon my experience of providing spout pouch packaging for many customers, and some customers may do not get any idea on spout pouch packaging, so I need to spend some time introducing how to measure the sizes of a spout pouch, so we can move on with the package. 

So, in this article, I am going to share how to measure the sizes of a spout pouch, and hope it be of help for some customers, to save your time in getting your best package.

Spout pouch are composed of standup pouch and spout/closures, so we need to measure against each other

1 Standup Pouch

Standup pouch are mainly presented in 3 types as below

  • Bottom Gusseted Standup Pouch
  • Side Gusseted Standup Pouch
  • Box Bottom Standup Pouch

I am going to give a detailed explanation one by one

Bottom Gusseted Standup Pouch


Bottom gusseted standup pouch is the most common used among all the standup pouches, it means the pouch with the bottom folded, and the pouch is able to hold more volume and standing up.

We need to measure Width, Height and bottom depth for a bottom gusseted spout pouch, as you can see, the bottom depth for single side is 50mm


Usually, people name the sizes of this pouch as below, BS means Bottom Gusseted

  • W150*H260+BG50*2  
  • W150*(H260+BG50*2)

However, some people may just use the extended depth for the bottom (double of the single side bottom depth) like W150*H260+BG100. However, there is not solo standard on this,  you need to talk to your package supplier when you place order.

Side Gusseted Standup Pouch


Side gusseted standup pouch, also called cheerpack in some Europe countries, it means a pouch with side gussted only, and standup as the side part is extended when the products is filled.

We need to measure Width, Height, and Side Gusset Depth for the pouch, as below


Usually, we name the sizes of this pouch as below, SG means Side Gusset.

  • W150*H260+SG50*2  
  • (W150+SG50*2)*H260

Box Bottom Standup Pouch

Box bottom standup pouch is introduced to liquid products packaging as of more volume holding ability and better presentation effect, it means a pouch with bottom gusset and side gusset.


so we need to measure the Width, Height, Bottom Gusset Depth (the side gusset depth is the same with bottom gusset depth)

Usually we name the sizes of box bottom spout pouch as below

  • W150*H260+BG50*2 +SG50*2 
  • (W150+SG50*2)*(H260+SG50*2)

Brick Pouch

There is also brick pouch coming into use, it is much like the paper carton box for milk, with spout and openings

Brick Pouch

2 Spout

Spout/closures are outside the length of the pouch, and they are measured by inner diameter and outside diameter, with exact dimension for 8.6mm spout  as below


Usually, there are some common sizes for spout used for different applications, you may reach us for further consult best suitable for your package.

  • 8.6mm
  • 10mm
  • 13mm
  • 15mm
  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 28mm
  • 30mm
  • 33mm

3 Closures

The sizes of closures will be exactly matching with the spout, however, as there are many different variations for the closures applied, there is not solo standard on the sizes.

White Toothpaste Closure


Bag Cap Closure


Particular Closure

Kinds of closures

Please reach us for further ideas when you need assistance.

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