Analysis on small hidden lines on surface of full matte black coffee bags

As talked in previous article, even some suppliers present their coffee bags in a perfect profile, however, when you look at them in another way, the coffee bags may not be so perfect.

Most small coffee roasters prefer to buy full body matte finish coffee bags and then label them, this is the lowest costs for their coffee packaging, however, really it will need an indeed good quality coffee bag to start with.

For full body matte black coffee bags, small hidden lines on the surface tops of all the problems


As a reliable and serious manufacturer for coffee bags, we always do our best to remove the small hidden lines on the surface of matte black coffee bags, however, we are still not able to guarantee there is not any small hidden lines on the surface.

So why small hidden lines happen on the surface?

1 Horizontal degree of the rollers


The foil will have to pass many rollers during print, lamiante and bag-making process, so if the machine are not so good, there may be some little horizontal degree for the rollers, and after the foil pass through many rollers, that will cause small hidden lines to occur.

2 Dust in produce department

Dusts in the air will fall on the machines, rollers, even the dusts are very small, after some deposit, the dusts will scratch the foil surface very easily and cause small hidden lines in final coffee bags. so, that will have strict requirements on the hygiene for produce department, and also the machines will have to be in good maintainance and cleaning.

3 Anti-scratch property for the foil surface

Usually, there are two ways to realize the matte finish on coffee bags

  • Top matte ink varnish
  • Matte film (BOPP/PET)

At present, Matte PET film is the best anti-scratch property among all the solutions, however, for the print on matte PET film, there may be some fall off for the ink, and may cause bad appearance.


The is the reality for the full matte finish coffee bags in China, and of course, we are doing our best to improve the matte black effect and hidden lines problem as we can. 

so, for most coffee bags, they are achieved with matte ink varnish, and the anti-scratch property for the matte ink will in some extent decide the seriousness for the small hidden lines. and now we are able to present coffee bags with very few hidden lines.


You may watch this video.

As a serious manufacturer for coffee bags, we will never accept your order if our products do not meet your requirements, and you are welcome to reach our sales for further consult if you have any other particular requirements. Thanks

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