What is quad seal side gusseted coffee bag?

Quad seal side gusseted coffee bags are quite popularly used for coffee beans packages, as when it is filled and stands up on the goods shelf, it is able to present a good branding image for the products, as below


When some customers try to locate best packages for their products, and reach bag suppliers , and sometimes they are confused with the terms and even the bag types. 

so, let’s come into the basic.

Quad Seal is to describe the bag where the bottom can be expanded when the products is filled and then the bag can well stand up.


The bottom can be expanded, as both of the two sides are gusseted, that is usually called Side Gusseted in terms of packaging.


You will have a good understanding on the overall profile for side gusseted bag in below graphic, and it also shows how to measure the sizes for a side gusseted bag.

How to measure the sizes of side gusseted bag

When the coffee beans are filled into the bag, the bottom will expand and make the bag able to stand up, as below photo.


So, you can figure out, quad seal effect comes from Side Gusseted Bag, that’s why this type of coffee bag is called Quad seal side gusseted coffee bag.

you may watch the video for an detailed experience.

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