What’s the package dimension for 5 grams alcohol stick pouch

Some customers may like to present their alcohol products in 5 grams stick pouch package. And whether the package film materials will meet the specific requirements for the alcohol liquids becomes the top concern for the customers.

As a reliable manufacturer of roll foils and standup pouches for different products, actually, we ever performed test on our standing spout doypack package for alcohol liquids, as below picture. 38% alcohol liquids has been packed in these 3 standing spout pouches for 10 months since being filled on Oct 8, 2020, and there is not any leakage or breakage problem for the pouches.


You may read more on this test by clicking the picture.

Foil Materials

Upon our test, we developed below foil materials for alcohol liquids packages, and please note, the inner LDPE film will have to be modified, as ethyl alcohol is easy to transmit through the polyethylene molecules and cause damage to the adhesive layer, which may cause the package to leak in certain place.

  • PET/Modified LDPE
  • PET/PA/Modified LDPE
  • PET/PET/Modified LDPE
  • PET/Al/PET/Modified LDPE

5 grams Stick Package

Below picture shows the stick package with 5 grams of alcohol liquid filled, and it is able to present a great stick package effect, and here we are going to get the suitable package dimension for this stick pouch.


Package Dimension

The final dimension for the 5 grams alcohol stick sachet package is W20XH100mm, with back seal 5mm, and usually this sachet is going to be achieved on the VFFS machine.


Filling Test Video

You may have a further understanding on the filled effect of this alcohol package by below video.

Package dimension test on 5 grams of alcohol stick pouch

Design Template

This design template should be of help for these customers who want to print their logo on this 5 grams stick alcohol package,and please note, the electronic eye tracking block will have to be added on the two sides of this foil laminate with contrast color against the artwork design.

OK, we come to the end of this post, and you are welcome to reach us if you have any questions regarding this 5 grams stick pouch.

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