Bag size of 500ml engine oil standing spout pouch with plastic handle


This cute standing pouch is produced for one of our customers intended for 500ml motor oil products, and it approves to be one of the best packages to cut into motor oil markets. With great standing upstraight ability, this package is well able to present the best profile of the products on the shelf, and the plastic handle on the right corner will enable the consumers to take it very easily.


When the customers is trying to figure out a package for his products, the first step is to locate the expected volume, and 500ml is a good catch. Prevously we shared the package dimension of 1000ml engine oil pack, and in this post, we are going to share with you the dimension and filled effect for this 500ml motor oil standing pouch, and hope it helps you to get a perfect package for your products.

Filled Level

We performed the test with filling 500ml of water into the standing pouch, and the filled level is about 50~60% of the total height, with enough space for over-filling and seal operations.


Packaging Materials

The packaging materials for this 500ml motor oil package will have to be the first grade, and strong enough to make the products well filled and distributed. Usually, we will choose PET Film 12 microns/NY film 15 microns/LDPE film 80~120 microns to achieve the work, with customer artwork fantastically printed on the standing package.


However, this will never guarantee the package to be finally robust, as the craftsmanship really matters. Previously, we received a sample bag of standing pouch for 450ml motor oil products from an American customer, and he complained there ios breakage or failure for his present supplier, when the oil is filled into the package. In most cases, the package may break in the transportation procedure, which means the pouch is not robust enough. You may read here to have a further understanding on the failure of standing spout doypacks, and how to achieve better strength for the package.

Pouch Dimension


Width: 170mm

Height: 200mm

Bottom: 50mm*2 = 100mm

Edge Sealed Width: 10mm

As to the bottom gusset, you may refer to the below picture for a further understanding, most customers will consider the extended depth of the gusset as the bottom, which means to be 100mm.


The inner diameter for the plastic spout is 16mm, which is the most common used item for the liquid products with some viscousity, like liquid detergent.


Test Video

We got the test recorded by video, so you can get a further understanding on the filled effect and its dimensions by watching the video below. Any questions or ideas regarding this test, just reach us for assistance.

Package dimension of 500ml engine oil standing pouch with plastic handle W170XH200+BG100

Bag Size Test Report

This bag size test report is going to give a clear ideas on the dimension test, with all the details listed in the PDF file. You may download it whenever you need.

Artwork Design Template


For always, the customer would like to get their logo beautifully printed on the package, and the artwork design is the fundamental part. So, here we attach the design template for this 500ml moto oil standing pouch, and you may just download it and forward to your designer for further work.

Ok, that’s what we have to say regarding the dimension and filled level for this cut motor oil bag, and you are welcome to reach us if you have any ideas in your mind. We will do our best to assist you to achieve your expected packages.

Good luck

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