Pouch dimension of engine oil 1000ml pack


This standing pouch is a great plastic package for engine oil products, and highly appreciated by our customers. For this 1000ml engine oil package, it is able to stand upstraight on the goods shelf and make a great branding and sale for the products. With the spout and closure system, this package makes the products much easier use in the end consumers. And now, we are producing more and more doypacks packages for engine oil customers.

In this post, we are going to share with you the dimension and final filled effect for this 1000ml engine oil standing pouch, and hope it helps you to get the ideal packages for your products.

Filled Level

Seen from the picture below, we are going to fill 1000ml of water (please, we do not have engine oil in our hand) into the 1000ml package, and check the filled level.


The filled level is about to take 65~70% of the total height of the standup pouch, which leave enough space for the overfilling and sealing operation. With enough space left in the package, it also decrease the risks of burst under transpoatation and distribution.


Foil Materials


This foil structure PET12/PA15/LDPE is proved to be very strong and robust intended for liquid packages, such as household cleaning detergent, windshield washer fluids, juice & beverages, liquid fertilizer, engine oil, cleaning chemicals etc.

The thickness of inner low density polyethylene film can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different volumes and products, and the formula of the polyethelene mix may have to be modified to accommodate the different products.

Pouch Dimension


Width: 190mm

Height: 260mm

Bottom: 50*2 = 100mm

Edge Sealed Width: 10mm

Plastic Spout: 16mm

Usually, the size of plastic spout is norminated by the inner diameter, and for this spout, there is always some tolerance as below picture. Of course, it should be controlled in normal standard, which does not affect the application of this screw cap package.


Plastic Handle

The plastic handle on the right corner enables the consumers to easily take and use the products, as shown in the below picture.


The dimension for the embedded handle is just ok for the human hands, as below picture.


Test Video

Against each package, we will perform the dimension test , and get it recorded by video. You are advised to have a further understanding on the filled effect and dimension measurement of this package through below video.

Package dimension for 1000ml engine oil spout doypack with plastic handle W190XH260+BG100

Package Dimension Test Report

Here, the dimension test report is provided in PDF files, with all the details included, you may forward to your customer for their further study under any circumstances.

Design Template

Here is the design template for you to fill the artwork and achieve your own logo printing onto the standup packages. It is always worthy to spend enough time and attention on the artwork design, as it is the first step for our business branding.

Please note, we remove the plastic handle in the design template, as it may interfere with the creative artwork, and you may refer to the layout for this pouch to get an actual understanding.

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