Film materials for 1litre standing pouch for windshield washer fluids


For the standing pouch packages for windshield washer fluids, 1litre is usually starting volume. Our factory is producing this 1litre standing pouch for windshield washer fluids for Euroglass brand in Moldova, and in this post, we are going to analyze the film materials used for this pouch, and hope it be of help for your choice of ideal packages.

Fillm Materials

The film materials for this 1litre standing pouch is PET12/NA15/LLDPE120, with total thickness 150 microns.


Each layer serves as below

  • PET12, means clear polyester film 12 microns, works as the outside print base film
  • Ny15, means nylon film 15 microns, biaxially oreinted, working as the middle support layer.
  • LLDPE film, means linear low density polyethylene film, works as inner seal layer.

Bag Strength

Usually, we rely on drop test to check if the bag strength is enough to meet the rigorous requirements of the windshield washer fluids.


For this 1 litre package, let’s perform drop test with height 2meter, for 3 times, and you may watch the video how this standing pouch performs.

Drop test of PET12/NY15/LDPE130 spout pouch

Standing Effect

When 1litre windshield washing chemicals is filled into the standing pouch, it is able to create a good standing package, and you can watch the video below for actual understanding.

Standing effect for 1litre windshield washing chemicals spout pouch

Alternative Solution

Some customers may believe this 3 layer standing pouch to be of higher cost, and would like to seek 2 layer pouch to replace it. If you plan to do this, PA/LLDPE strcture foil is advised. that is able to provide the bag strength needed for 1litre liquids, however the toughness for this 2 layer structure may be not good enough to provide the intended standing effect when the windscreen cleaning chemicals is filled into the package.

Watch the video below for further understanding.

PA/LDPE foil laminate with softness

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