Most common-used thickness for biodegradable BOPLA film


BOPLA film is a certificiated compostable film material in flexible packaigng industry, which can be used alone, and also further laminated with other material to achieve multilple-function packages.

BOPLA film is superior in below properties

  • Compostable/biodegradable in compost conditions or nature soil conditions
  • Great mechanical strength
  • High clairty
  • Good printability
  • Good sealing property

In this post, we are going to get a further understanding on the most common used thicknesses for BOPLA film.

15 microns (0.59 gauge)

BOPLA film with 15 microns is the minimum thickness applied in packaging and printing for the different consumers products. BOPLA15 film can be a very good substrate if the customers would like to get a soft package, however the crisps and noises made from BOPLA film cause some customers not willing to use this film alone for their packages.

Just check the video below, I shaked the BOPLA film a little, however with great noise.

Noisy BOPLA film

25 microns (1 gauge)

BOPLA film 25 microns is relatively a good balance of cost and properties, with much more applications than BOPLA15 film.

BOPLA25/PLA+PBAT35 Foil with total thickness 60 microns

40 microns (1.57 gauge)

If the customer would like to get a BOPLA compostable standup pouch with great standing effect, however the total thickness for the paper pouch should be strictly limited as of cost-considerations, the best ideal solution is to increase the thickness of BOPLA to 40 microns, that is 1.57 gauge. This thickness is the maximum thickness used in our converting industry, which is with great stiffness and mechanical strength.


Watch the video for an actual understanding on the stiffness of 40 microns BOPLA film.

BOPLA film 40 microns with great stiffness

With this superior stiffness, this BOPLA film can be lamianted with an inner PLA+PBAT film which is much lower in thickness, like 30~40 microns, and the final foil laminate BOPLA/PLA+PBAT foil is going to realize the standup pouch with excelllent standing effect on the shelf. Of course, the cost is quite well controlled.

You may watch the video below to understand the bottom gusseted pouch with bag dimension W120XH180+BG60mm, which present the standing effect that beats the expectation for many customers.

Compostable standing pouch BOPLA40/PLA+PBAT40 foil with great standing effect

Ok, now you get a fine understanding on the thickness, and in the future posts, we will share more knowledge and application of BOPLA compostable film.

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