Package dimension of doypack sachet 50ml liquid supplement


This bottom gusset pouch holds 50ml of liquid supplement. It consists of a three-layer structure, resulting in excellent upright shape and barrier properties. The unique special-shaped packaging can better attract consumers’ attention, and the top of this package is equipped with an easy-tear opening for convenient use by consumers.

Such doypack sachets are quite popular forms for some healthy products, as quick speeding of the modernization in china, many people may not be able to enjoy a health diets for their breakfast, lunch and dinners. Healthy products in this tiny doypack sachets enable the consumers to bring them easily, and acts as a fuel-up for their busy daily life.

It is really a great innovation.

Foil Materials


This foil materials is a reinforced structure with excellent properties for raisin packages. The foil structure is PET12/AL7/LDPE and the material properties are as follows.

The bag is composed of three layers, each performing its own duties for the product.PET as a printing layer which could have great clarity and excellent printability with artwork. AL, can maintain the original flavor and aroma for a long time. LDPE is a commonly used heat sealing layer.It is able to provide enough sealing strength and airtight property for the final packages.

The following is about the performance of this bag

  • Robust enough for product protection
  • Eye-catching package to the consumers
  • High barrier performance to keep the original flavor as long as possible
  • Great printing quality

So, it is always necessary to get a refined dimension for this doypack sachet, so it can present a great product to the consumers.

Filled Level of 50ml liquid supplement sachet

With film gusseted into the bottom, the doypack can well standup straight when the liquid supplement is filled. Here, we are going to fill 50ml of water into our current doypack, as below picture.


From the picture below, you can understand the filling effect of this bag after it is filled with liquid. The filled level is about 70%~80%, great.


Test Video

Here we performed the test of the packaging dimension for this 50ml doypack bag, and you may watch the video below to get a further understanding on this progress. Enjoy.

Package deminsion and filled effect of 50ml liquid supplement sachet #3

Bag Dimension Test Report of 50ml liquid supplement sachet

Liquid Supplement sachet-50ml-Flat Bottom-W75xH175+Gusset25mmx2-Package Dimension Test#3
Liquid Supplement sachet-50ml-Flat Bottom-W75xH175+Gusset25mmx2-Package Dimension Test#3

The pictures in the dimension test report show well the measuring of this 50ml sachet, and other details are listed in this PDF report. You may just reach us if you have any questions.

Package Dimension of 50ml Bottom Gusset Liquid Supplement Sachet

The following are the dimensions of this 50ml liquid supplement sachet.

  • Width:75mm
  • Height:153mm
  • Bottom Gusset:25mm*2

Through the video, you will have a deeper understanding of this pouch.

50ml liquid supplement W75XH125+Gusset25+Bottom Gusset

Artwork Design Template of 50ml bottom gusset liquid supplement

Compared with ordinary packaging bags, inregular shape bags are more eye-catching in design and style. Customers can customize the desired packaging shape according to their needs. Irregular shaped packaging bags can be more in line with the characteristics of customer products.If you like this bag,you can just download it and send it to fill it with creative artwork.It is recommended that you use Illustrator or high-quality PDF files (>= 300PPI) to give us feedback.

The above is information about the structure, filling effect, design and size of this 50ml liquid bottom packaging bag. If you have any questions or doubts, you can send me an email at any time.


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