Pouch strength test for ice packs

Ice Packs

Ice packs, intended to provide lower temperature conditions for fresh vegetables, juices, fruits, dairy products and fresh meat, etc, plays as an important factor in actually improving the human being life.

Of course, that surely have requirements for the ice pack itself. A good ice pack can be repeatedly use under severe conditions, that will largely reduce the cold storage costs. 

As ice pack is intended to pack gel and water mix inside, it will have to be strong enough to fight against any outside forces, especially in long distance transportation, there may be unexpected forces in sudden brake.

In actual produce for ice packs, we apply a strict quality control policy and make regular tests on the pouch strength for ice packs. so here, I am going to show you how we usually test the strength for the ice packs.

Hope it helps.

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3 comments on “Pouch strength test for ice packs

  1. Muhammad Iqbal

    Great, I like it. By the way what is the combination of materials that you are using and what is the total thickness?

    1. bruce Post author

      Dear Mr Muhammad Iqbal, for ice packs, usually they are made of PE poly layer, and not other lamination, the thickness shall be 120 microns.
      For ice packs, usually there are volumes of 100ml, 200ml, 600ml, 800ml ,and 1000ml packs.
      I will forward you our catalog for your further understanding.
      Best luck and nice weekend

  2. Raza Noori

    Could you try to drop those water ice packs on a harder surface like concrete. See if that leaks or breaks. would be interesting to see what happens.


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