What’s the bag size of 100 grams roasted bean block bottom bag?

100grams roasted beans block bottom bag

This cute standing coffee package proves to be one of the best eye-catching items in the market when the customers like to promote their new flavor products, and it can be well intended for 100 grams of roasted coffee beans. This package comes in matte green appearance, and of course, matte black or white color can be customized against customer requirements.

In this post,we are going to give a further analysis on the bag dimension and filled level for this small package, and hope it is helpful for the customer before then get a bag like this produced.

Filled Level


We are going to fill 100 grams of dark roasted coffee beans into this small block bottom coffee bag, and the density for the cofffee beans we use is 370g/1000ml. You may find the filled level is just ok, with some limited space left under the rip zipper. I have to say, this block bottom coffee bag is just the right fit for 100 grams. Of course, you may need the sample bag to test the final filled effect with your own beans, and please just reach us to free sample bags if you need our support.

Filled level of 100grams roasted beans block bottom bag

Bag Size

Width: 90mm

Height: 185mm

Gusset: 54mm

Edge Seal Width 7.5mm


The exact dimensions for this 100 grams coffee bag is shown in below layout, which is very important for the produce of a coffee package.

Artwork-Design-Template-100-grams Coffee-beans-Bag-W95XH185+Gusset54mm+Block Bottom-min
Artwork-Design-Template-100-grams Coffee-beans-Bag-W95XH185+Gusset54mm+Block Bottom-min

Bag Size Test Video

We got this dimensioin test recorded by video, which may be of help for some customers who want to get a further understanding on the final package profile.

Package dimension and volume test for 100grams coffee beans box bottom standing bag

Bag Size Test Report

We are issuing dimension test report against each coffee bag, with all the details included, and you may just download the PDF file and forward to your customers in any case.

Coffee-100g-Flat Bottom-W90xH185+Box Bottom27x2 mm -Package Dimension Test#36-min

Artwork Design Template

This design template is helpful when you need to fill your own logo and artwork into the package, and you are advised to send it to your designer, and feedback to us with artwork file in Illustrator or PDF files.

Ok, this is the thing we need to say about the bag dimension for this 100 grams roasted bean block bottom bag. You may just reach us if you need any other assistance.

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