Analysis on the thickness of coffee bag


Our company is producing lots of standup pouches for coffee beans and powder products. When it comes to standup pouch, the thickness is a key point to consider as it impacts the standing effect, and also the price will be higher if the thickness increases.

So, in this post, we are going to give an overall analysis on the thickness for the coffee bags upon our experience, and you are alwasy welcome to reach us for further assistance whenever you have any specific requirements.

As the toughness for different substrate film materials differentiate with each other, so we will have to share the thickness in below categories.

Kraft paper coffee bag

Kraft paper coffee bag is intended to describe the coffee bag with foil materials including a kraft paper layer.

  • Kraft/LDPE
  • Kraft/VMPET/LDPE
  • Kraft/Al/LDPE

Please note, there can also be a layer of matte BOPP film on the outside, to protect the package and print ink, especially the box bottom coffee bag, you may read this post for further understanding. WHY THERE IS AN OUTER PLASTIC FILM FOR BOX BOTTOM KRAFT PAPER POUCH

Thickness of kraft paper coffee bag ranges from 130 microns to 175 microns. Kraft paper bag with thickness more than 175 microns will be rigid enough for 340g-1000g coffee beans. Of course, some customers may look forward to rigid package, then the customer can set a thicker kraft paper pouch.


Metallized film coffee bag

Metallized film coffee bag is intended to describe the coffee bag with foil materials including a layer of metallized film, which is usually VMPET film, with most used foil structure as below.


The thickness for metallized film coffee bag will be 100~150microns. If too thin, the pouch is not able to present good standing effect. If the pouch is thicker than 150 microns, the price will increase on the other hand.


Aluminum foil coffee bag

Kraft paper coffee bag is intended to describe the coffee bag with foil materials including a layer of aluminum foil, with the most used foil materials as below.


In later foil structure, the second PET film works as reinforced layer for the coffee bag, as aluminum foil is without any elongation rate, however the inner LDPE film is of high elongation rate that may be able to reach 1200~1800%, so a buffer layer of PET film between aluminum foil and LDPE film in the foil laminate will help to get more robust and strong package for final coffee bag.

As aluminum foil is rigid, so the thickness for aluminum foil pouch usually ranges from 100 microns to 130 microns, that will be enough for 250g~1000g coffee beans.


Of course, there will be variance in actual application to balance the package effect and cost. and you are welcome to reach us for further assistance if you have specific requirements. thanks.

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