Large or small opening for the flat bottom coffee pouch


Flat bottom coffee pouch packages are so widely popular in the coffee market, as it combines the quad pacakge effect and re-colose ability at the ecomonical cost. When the customers choose flat bottom pouch for his coffee, there are two option for the opening of the package, which are able to present different filling efficiency and package effect. So, let’s get into more of it.

Small Opening

A small opening on the coffee package is realized by getting the side part above the zipper sealed, as you can see it below picture.


The obvious drawback for this small opening is reducing the filling efficiency of products, and you will have a deep understanding after you watch the video of filling process.

Small opening on flat bottom pouch caused difficult filling of coffee beans

However, this package is still preferred by many customers, as when the side part above the zipper is sealed, the final package will be able to present a neat and smoothe effect.


This small opening can be realized either by inner zipper or tab zipper.

Large Opening


On the other hand, when a large opening is realized on the flat bottom coffee bag, the filling efficiency will be largely improved. You can view below video.

Easy filling of coffee beans with a large opening on flat bottom pouch

Please note, this large opening can only be realized by tab zipper. As the inner zipper will have to perform when the two separated parts touches against each other, that can only cause small opening on flat bottom coffee bags.

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