What’s the applications for standup pouches with spout

Standup pouch with spout

Standup pouches with spout enable the pouch to have a good control on the pour out of the inside products, and on the basis of good standing effect, standup pouches with spout are quite good package branding for many liquid products. 

As previously traditional packaging for most liquid products, they are mostly packed in bottles or jars in plastic, glass or metal materials, all these packaging materials are hard materials, that may lead to higher packaging cost, higher transportation costs, and sometimes not so safe for some products, like glass bottles for baby foods.

So, standup pouches with spout are becoming more and more popular used for liquid products packaging, with several advantages as below

  • Lower packaging costs
  • Flexible soft, with lower transportation costs
  • Full body print, enough branding and consumer impression
  • Safe consideration than glass bottles
  • Easy use

As a reliable and serious manufacturer for standup pouches with spout for 15 years in china, we are going to list the actual applications for the standup pouches with spout

1 Fruit Juice

Fruit juice packaging is the most popular application for standup pouches with spout, as fruit juice need to be lower packaging costs for fierce market competition, and also fruit juice market is so fierce competition, some juice manufacturers need to present their products in another different image, so more and more fruit juice are packed in spout pouches.


2 Ketchup & sauce

3 Baby Food

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  1. PURIFY Nigeria water safety project ltd

    We need aluminum foil paper non stick for wrapping of sweets.and need also bag with spouts for 100 ml,150ml, 750ml


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