Package dimension of paper foil sachet for 5 grams sugar


This is a three-side sealed paper bag containing 5 grams of white sugar that is easy to open for consumption. It can not only reduce the use of plastic by using paper as an alternative material, but also increase the texture of the surface and make it easier for consumers to open and use.

Compared with ordinary plastic large-capacity sugar bags, this paper small-capacity bag can better meet the needs of modern people. Young people are starting to pay more attention to sugar dosage. The small capacity makes it easier to control the dosage. Small size, light volume and easier to carry.

A sachet that better meets customer needs!

Foil Materials


As shown in the above graphic, the foil structure is kraft paper 40gsm/LDPE10g and the material properties are as below.

  • Great printing quality
  • Reduce the plastic use
  • Convenient for the consumers to take
  • Easier fot the consumers to use

Kraft Paper/LDPE foil proves to be one of the most economical packaging materials for the sugar conditments in restaurants, hotels or coffee bars. LDPE, works on the inner side, as a commonly used heat sealing layer that can provide sufficient sealing strength and moisuure-proof for the sugar products.

Below you can find out about the features of this package

So, it is always necessary to get a refined dimension for this three sides seal paper bag, so it can present a great product to the consumers.

Filled Level of 5 grams sugar paper sachet

Here, we are going to fill 5 grams of sugar into our current bag, as below picture.


From the picture below, you can understand the filling effect of this bag after it is filled with sugar. The filled level is about 70%~80%, great.


Package Dimension of 5 grams Sugar Paper Package

The following are the dimensions of this 5 grams sugar package.

  • Width: 65mm
  • Length:45mm

Test Video

Here we performed the test of the packaging dimension for this 5 grams sugar paper pakcage, and you may watch the video below to get a further understanding on this progress. Enjoy.

#16 Package dimension and filled effect of 5 grams three sides seal sugar

Bag Dimension Test Report of 5 grams sugar paper pouch


The pictures in the dimension test report show well the measuring of this 5 grams pouch, and other details are listed in this PDF report. You may just reach us if you have any questions.

Artwork Design Template of 5 grams paper bag sugar

Compared with ordinary packaging bags, irregular shape bags are more eye-catching in design and style. Customers can customize the desired packaging shape according to their needs. Irregular shaped packaging bags can be more in line with the characteristics of customer products.If you like this bag,you can just download it and send it to fill it with creative artwork.It is recommended that you use Illustrator or high-quality PDF files (>= 300PPI) to give us feedback.

The above is information about the structure, filling effect, design and size of this 5 grams paper bag sugar. If you have any questions or doubts, you can send me an email at any time.


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