Drop test of home compostable 1000 grams coffee pillow pouch bag


Pillow pouch is a common package well intended for coffee beans, which can be formed on the Vertical-form-fill-seal machinery from rolls, or premade pouch directly supplied from the flexible converter. It is able to finalize a good coffee package with the lowest cost.


With more and more roasters seeking to explore sustainable eco-friendly packages for their amazing products, we are now offering home compostable bags for ground coffee and roasted beans. Of course, the home compostable foil materials can be converted into pillow pouch of 1000 grams, with foil structure Metallised Paper 69g/Cellulose20/PLA+PBAT60um.


Compostable Foil Laminate

  • Metallized Paper 69g, works as the outside print substrate layer, which can be printed in rotogravure printing or flexo printing with water based inks.
  • Cellulose 20um, also called cellophane film, works as the middle supportive and mechanical reinforced layer.
  • PLA+PBAT film, is a blown film made from the blends of PLA and PBAT resins, works as a good inner sealing layer, and able to finalize types of coffee bags.

You will be able to find the home and garden compostable certificates for Cellulose film and PLA+PBAT film in below documents.

There is not compostable certificate against metallized paper. As the substrate paper is based on plant materials, as knows to all, paper can fully degrade into inorganic elements under nature conditions.

Dieline and Package Dimension


Judging from the dieline, the width is 240mm, and height is 340mm.

Filled Level

We are going to fill 1000grams of dark roasted beans into this home compostable pillow pouch, and the filled level is going to take around 70% of the total height, with enough space for the top sealing and overfill concerns.


Drop Test

Drop test of a filled package is a simulation of the falls that a package holding products may experience during shipping,handling and sales. By evaluating the reliability of this coffee pouch package to withstand impacts from falls, the roasters will be assured that the goods will make it to them, or end-users, in good condition. With the pillow pouch filled with 1kg beans and well sealed, we are going to perform the drop test from 1.8 meters high for a certain times.

Drop-test-of-home-compostable-1kg-coffee-bag-Metallized-Paper 69g-Cellulose20-PLA+PBAT50
Drop-test-of-home-compostable-1kg-coffee-bag-Metallized-Paper 69g-Cellulose20-PLA+PBAT60

Please watch the video for further understanding, and you will get impressed with the robust performance of our home compostable foil package.

TLEN1319 Drop test on home compostable 1kg cafe pillow bag Metallized Paper 69g-Cellulose20-PLA+PBAT60

You can see this kind of test in action in this video from our own manufacturing plant., this is a part of our daily QC work.

Fine after 6 drops

The filled pillow pouch package is still fine after 6 drops from 1.8 meters high, which survise the extreme test standard. It should protect your coffee beans on its trip from the roasting plant to your consumers’ place in good situation.


Further more, the high barrier performance of this home compostable bag will ensure the roasted beans in good flavor as long as possible, and please allow us to introduce to you the barrier performance of this foil materials in future posts.


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