Thickness for most common standing spout bag


Our company is outputing lots of standing spout bags every day, with different materials structures for different applications, and also of different thickness. The thickness of standing spout bag will not only affect the standing effect when the products are filled, and also it conerns with the final price.

So, It is essential to set a suitable thickenss when we choose a standing spout pouch for the products, and in this post, we are going to share our knowledge on the thickness of most common standing spout bags.

Minimum thickness 100 microns

In all the spout bags we are producing, the minimum thickness should be 100 microns, as we will have to ensure the pouch with good standing effect, and also achieve good property. If the thickness continues to be reduce, there may be risks of potential damage to the spout bag during welding process, and may not be able to present a qualified package.


Common thickness 120~180 microns

120~180 microns will be adataped for the spout bag depending on the exact application and volume. Usually, The more for the volume, the larger for the thickness, anyway, the package will have to be strong enough to hold the expected products.

A spout bag for 100ml juice is better to set thickness at 120 microns, and the thickness would accordingly increase when the volume of the spout bag enlarges, with 180 microns works well for 3litre spout pouch.


200~250 microns

For some spout pouches with larger volumes, like 3litre, 5litre, or even 10litres, in general, the thickness should be increased as of reinforcement purpose. The cost would increase on the other hand, however the risks of leakage or breakage reduced should compensate it.

thickness of 3Litre spout pouch for windshield washer fluids

Of course, this is just an overall introduce on the thickness of spout pouch packages. and when it comes to the exact packages for different products, we will give further analysis on the thickness and property in the future posts.You may reach us if you have any questions.

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