What’s the materials for 3000ml screw cap bag packaging for liquid laundry detergent


3000ml screw cap bag is widely used for liquid laundry detergent packaging in consumer markets, China is a large market with many brands of Foreign brand and chinia local brands, nearly all of the detergent manufacturers launched their detergents in bag pack with spout on top.


I also have a Germany customer dealing with liquid detergent, and he is going to deliver bio-based liquid laundry detergent in bulk containers, and refill in china factory and distribute them in china market. Frankly speaking, it is always difficult for the startup, and I am assisting him with the best package that most match his products for china market.

I believe, along with the increase of china consumer market, there will be more and more foreign brands entering into china markets, and there are also more and more china local brands just popping out.

I have to say, in china market, you will have to take the package seriously, chinese people like eye-catching packages.

So, when you decide a screw cap bag for your liquid laundry detergent, I just hope you get the best package for your products, and I am going to share our experience on the materials for 3000ml screw cap bag, for your reference.


Materials for 3000ml screw cap bag
  • PET film, outside print substrate
  • PA film, also known as nylon film, working as mainbody mechanical layer
  • PE film, inner seal layer, that forms the bag

Based on our supply for many brands, this is the most common used materials of 3000ml screw cap bag, with good standing effect and great mechanical strength

  1. Standing effect
3000ml screw cap bag standing well after filled

  2. Great Bag Strength

Usually, we perform fall down tests of 3000ml screw cap bag with water filled, from 2m high, for 3 times, under room temperature, and it will never break or leak.

Watch the video

Fall down test of 3000ml screw cap bag


However, some customers may think PET/PA/PE materials is not so great, and they prefer PA/PA/PE, that is of better bag strength


Chaoneng, a local china brand, choose this materials for their 2 liter liquid detergent pack, as below


I have to say, this 2liter pack of Chaoneng is a very succeessful marketing case by packaging, this pack is widely welcome by the consumers, as to my experience, my wife buys this brand unregularly as of its amazing attraction.

Based on my understanding, there is PA/PE two layers pack for 2000~3000ml screw cap bag, with great bag strength and good standing effect, as its inner PE film layer is stubborn enough to replace the PET layer, however this pack, we are not able to produce this good pack for 2-3liter, for PA-PE structure, our largest volume can be 1liter. You may reach me for futher ideas if you have particular requirements.

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