How to make the coffee pouches resealable?

It is absolutely essential to get a coffee pouch resealable, to keep the roasted beans in orginal freshness as long as possible. As a reliable manufacturer for coffee bags located in qingdao, china, we are going to share the most common methods adpated to realize the re-sealable function, and of course, each method is able to realize different effects, at a certain cost, at customer’s choice.

Inner zipper


Inner zipper is the most cost-effective way to realize re-close ability for coffee packages. With two separated parts heat sealed on each side of the coffee bag, when they closes under a certain pressure, it is able to present good airtight performance for the inside coffee beans.

Usually, we will test the airtight property for the inner zipper with repeatedly open-and-close for several times, and check if the zipper will collopse under a certain outside pressure. You may watch the video to have an actual understanding.

Airight property test on inner zipper

The cost for the inner zipper is USD 0.05 per meter. Take a 454grams (equals to 16oz) coffee bag for example, the package dimension is Width178*Height285+Bottom Gusset100. The width of the coffee bag is 0.178m, so the cost for this zipper should be USD 0.05*0.178= USD 0.0089. It is of lowest cost.

However, there is also a drawback for the inner zipper. When the package is torn on top from the tear notch, the package profile would be destroyed. However, the tab zipper is able to keep the original integration, and maintains a perfect profile.

Tab zipper

Tab zipper is superior to inner zipper in some below aspects.

  • Easy tear
  • Easier filling of products
  • Keep package integration

Tab zipper is of a little higher price, with USD 0.1 per meter. However, compared to the premium qualities it is able to provide, tab zipper tops over inner zipper in coffee beans package. Now, more and more coffee beans packages adapt the tab zipper. Watch the video below to understand how it performs.

Working theory for tab zipper

Tin tie


A tin tie usually works on the side quad seal standing coffee bag, however the airtight performance when it is closed can not be as great as the inner zipper, you may watch the video below.

Tin tie works on quad seal pouch

However, tin tie is of higher cost. The material cost for tin tie is USD 0.2 per meter, and there is still labor cost to adhere it to the pouch.

Before box bottom coffee bag is developed, tin tie is widely used in quad seal coffee bags. As the quad seal coffee bag is able to present better standing and branding profile than the bottom gusseted coffee bag. However, a zipper is not able to be accomodated into quad seal pouch, as the quad seal pouch is output in machine direction on the bag-making line.

However, tin tie becomes not popular in the demand when the box bottom coffee bag is developed, especially the tab zipper add so much glory to it. so now, more and more coffee beans are packed in below box bottom coffee pouches.


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