Quality standard for windshield washer fluids package


When it comes quality standard for windshield washer fluids spout packages, it is usually hard to reach to an identical standard. As the spout packages are all customized upon the requirements of different customers, that may cause the spout pouch package have different thickness, foil structures, spout size, standing effect, print quality, bag strength,and most importantly, the cost.

So, in this post, we are not going to stipulate the only identical quality standard for the windscreen washing liquids spout package. We will elaborate the quality points that seems acceptable to the customers, and doing our best to realize the spout package at the best cost for our customers.

Print Quality

Print quality is a very flexible thing based on different customers. Some customers would like to get their artwork design printed without any flaw, to ensure their perfect branding in the consumer impressioin, like Ferrero Rocher. However, for most customers, there should be not obvious print defects to the consumers.

We apply two methods to remove the visible defects

in-line inspection system

This in-line inspection system on the print press is able to remove 98% of the obvious print defects.

In-line print inspection

Off-line inspection device

When the print is finished on the print press, we apply the further inspeciton on another device, that helps to remove visiable print defects.

Off-line print inspection

Filling Volume


Generally speaking, the windshield washer fludis should be filled up to 70~80% of the pouch height. Then it can leave some space for overfill, and also increase the buffer even there is shock on the package. Windshield washer fluids are usually packed in 1 litre, 2 litres and 3 litres, and we have standard size for these three volumes and you can also watch the video below on each item.

  • Filled test on 1 litre windscreen cleaning chemimicals standing pouch
  • Filled effect on windshield washer fludis 2 litres spout pouch
  • Filled effect on 3 litres windshield washer fluids spout package

Standing effect

Standing effect is directly concerned with the below factors

  • Dimension setting: usually a larger bottom will enable a better standing effect.
  • Toughness of the foil laminate: the tougher for the foil laminate, the better standing for the standing profle.
  • Thickness

Bag Strength

The minimum requirements for the bag strength is to proect the windshield washing liquids spout package from break. Usually we reply on drop test to determine the bag strength. Upon the different quality of the spout pouches, we have concluded some different standards.

  • not break after 3 drops from 1.8 meter (-10 Celsius degree conditions)
  • not break after 3 drops from 1.8 meter (20 Celsius degree conditions)
  • not break after 1 drops from 1.8 meter (-10 Celsius degree conditions)
  • not break after 1 drops from 1.8 meter (20 Celsius degree conditions)
  • not break after 1 drops from 1.2 meter (-10 Celsius degree conditions)
  • not break after 1 drops from 1.2 meter (20 Celsius degree conditions)

Chemicals resistant

The package materials and the spout/closure system should be resistant to the formula of the cleaning chemicals. Upon our experience, the inner LDPE film should be modified to suit this requirements. And also we will have to apply the spout/closure system that is chemicals resisitant. so you will never worry about our package for the formula of the windscreen cleaning liquids.

Ok, nevertheless, we are obligated to provide a qualified spout package for your windscreen cleaning chemicals products, and should do our best to realize the lowest cost for you. Welcome to reach us if you need further assistance.

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