How to achieve a clear window on matte finish package


Matte finish effect are highly welcomed in the market for many different products, to create attractive and quality visual effect for the consumers. Further more, some customers may would like to get a clear window on the package, so the consumers are able to get a quick peer into the inside products, and make a quick buying decision.

In this post, we are going to have a further talk how to achieve it.

Foil structure without sunlight shielding film materials

Sunlight Shielding film materials make the human eyes not able to see through the package. So without sunlight shielding film in the foil structure, the package can usually be able to see through, with foil structures as below.

  • BOPP/Clear LDPE(CPP)
  • PET/Clear LDPE(CPP)
  • PA/Clear LDPE(CPP)
  • PET/PA/Clear LDPE(CPP)
  • PET/SiOx-PET/Clear LDPE(CPP)
  • KPET/Clear LDPE(CPP)

Take PET/LDPE foil laminate for example, the window place can be left unprinted, so clear window can be just finalized, of course, with any customized shape, as long as the customer finalize the artwork print. The foil structure for below matte finish pouch is actually matte lacquer/PET/SiOx-PET/Clear LDPE, and the clear window is left unprinted.


In prevous post, we talk in details about the sunlight shielding film materials, and each film has its own particular property, and let’s get into deeper on each of them.

Matte Finish

To realize clear window on matte finish, we have to realize the matte finish by matte lacquer coating in certain parts, and the clear window part not printed. As when Matte BOPP film is used to achieve the matte finish, the whole body of the package is set in matte finish, clear window can not be then achieved. Yes, only matte window can be achieved as below picture.


The print substrate film is usually PET film or PA film, with matte lacuqer coating on the outside and artwork print on the inner side, check the graphic as below.


Aluminum Foil Structure

For aluminum foil sheet, when it is laminated, it can not leave a space for the clear window. However, if the package is bottom gusset, a clear bottom can be left, much alike to clear window. As you can see the aluminum foil pouch for sauce products, you can never see through the package from the front and back part, however, from the bottom gusset, you can easily get an sight into the proudcts.


Clear window on metallized foil laminate

Metallized foil laminate is intended to describe the multilayer film materials with metallized film included, and the most used metallized film in the multi-layer laminate is VMPET film.

During the metallizaton process, there are two options applied on the film web.

One is metallization on the full web, as below picture.


For this full web metallized film, to achieve a clear window, usually we will have to apply de-metallization craftsmanship, that means to remove a certain part of the aluminum layer by water or chemical solvents during the print process, that is complicated. You are advised to read more here (Demetallization craftsmanship to achieve clear window).

The other option is to get half of the film web metallized and the other half left clear. So when the film web is foleded in the bag-making process, the clear film will be the front side.


Below pouch is made of matte lacquer/P{ET/VMPET(Half web metallized)/Clear LDPE film, with the front window unprinted, of course.


Clear window on white LDPE package

Similar to aluminum foil, white LDPE can only be achieved in full web, so the bottom gusset can only be achieved wit clear film at customer requiements. However, it is very rare for the customers to seek a clear window on matte finish package with white LDPE film included. We should keep you updated in case we have gone through this case.

Clear window on paper packages


Paper is differnt from white LDPE film and aluminum foil, which can be slitted and realize the window in the laminate process. You are advised to learn more here (To realize clear window on paper packages)

Ok, that’s what we have to say. In summary, to realize a clear window on matte finish package, we have to achieve below points

  • Matte lacquer printing, so we can get certain part unprinted
  • We need to get clear part on the film web, to make sure window will be able to appear

Ok, you are welcome to reach us if you have any other questions.

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